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Infosites.Biz | Email Marketing Statistics for 2021

There are a number of marketing channels that businesses can explore today to drive growth. Yet, email marketing continues to hold its own as one of the more effective marketing tools you can use to engage customers and reach out to prospects. Through marketing emails, you can distribute content, promote your brand and nurture warm leads cost-effectively.

Why Use Email Marketing

Running a business is essentially making a series of decisions that impact your future. One of those decisions is managing your limited resources and choosing the proper marketing channels. So, why use email marketing?

Here are six inarguable reasons why email marketing is important for your business:

1. It’s less diluted than other channels. A robust email marketing campaign is easier to manage than multiple strategies that target users across various channels.

2. Almost everyone uses it. Over 4.03 billion people have at least one email address. 3. It has the highest return on investment (ROI). On average, an email marketing campaign generates $42 for every $1 spent, a 4400 percent ROI

4. It uses direct marketing. Messages don’t depend on passing glances on a timeline and are instead delivered straight to the user’s inbox.

5. People demand personalization. In fact, 74 percent of people hate seeing irrelevant content.

6. It’s measurable. Tracking your campaigns is easier as analytics are native to email marketing platforms.

Now that you’ve learned why email marketing is important, let’s look at the useful email marketing statistics and email marketing facts of the past few years to help you with your email marketing campaigns. The following email marketing stats show why email marketing is important and why sending out marketing emails should be a top priority.

General Email Statistics

The power of marketing emails has been questioned time and time again. Despite the many declarations that say “email marketing is dead,” the following email stats that we’ve compiled show otherwise.

1. There were approximately 4.037 billion email users worldwide, which resulted in an average of 306.4 billion emails sent per day in 2020.

2. Americans spend a total of five hours per day checking their email (Adobe, 2019).

3. Sixty-one percent of consumers prefer to be contacted via email when communicating with brands.

4. Eighty-six percent of professionals prioritize their email connections over others (HubSpot).

5. For 58 percent of people, checking their emails is what they do first thing in the morning

6. Email is the second-most popular platform for sharing content for 70 percent of professionals within a company or industry (Demand Generation Report, 2020).

Email Marketing ROI Statistics

For any robust email marketing campaign, email marketing open rate and email marketing conversion rate are two of the most important metrics for tracking email marketing ROI. Check out these stats about email marketing ROI and some email marketing tips on improving the conversion rate.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, whether you’re using an email newsletter service or an email marketing agency, the potential ROI is as high as $42 on average (DMA, 2019).

When properly executed or when working with the right email marketing agency, your business can potentially enjoy a 4,200 percent ROI.

These are the average email marketing stats that you can expect in relation to average email marketing conversion rate: email marketing open rate (18.0 percent), click-through rate (2.6 percent), click-to-open rate (14.1 percent) and unsubscribe rate (0.1 percent) (Campaign Monitor).

These are averages computed for all industries. But what’s a good email marketing open rate and email marketing conversion rate to target? Your industry, along with other factors such as target audience and type of campaign, all play a part in influencing the email marketing stats that result from each campaign.

Companies are six times more likely to earn clicks from email marketing campaigns than from tweets (Campaign Monitor).

Once your audience opts in, you are given the license to send promotional emails, which isn’t the case with social media. Capitalize on these email stats by linking to a high-performing email marketing landing page for higher returns.

Shoppers tend to spend 138 percent more on their purchases after receiving email offers (Hatchbuck).

A simple email informing your audience about a specific promo can influence them into spending more to take advantage of that deal.

Sending one email results in 10.7 percent recovered purchases, but sending up to three emails increases purchases by 69 percent (Omnisend, 2018).

This is one of those interesting email marketing facts that show why you should always follow up and follow through. Don’t be afraid to send a gentle reminder about items in their cart users may have forgotten. You can also offer a small discount as an incentive to complete the purchase.

Mobile Email Marketing Statistics 2021

The number of mobile users increased by 239 percent from just 1.06 billion users worldwide in 2012 to 3.6 billion users in 2020. This shows the rapid increase in mobile usage within the last decade, shifting how people consumed various technologies, including email. This is why you should make sure your email marketing landing page is mobile-friendly. So, if you’re still asking, “why use email marketing for mobile users?” then these mobile email statistics should provide answers.

Almost 50 percent of all emails are read on mobile

But what does this piece of email marketing information mean? This email statistic suggests you risk losing half of your entire audience if you fail to optimize your emails for mobile. Shortening your email subject line, beginning with a strong pre-header text and balancing the size of your images and text are some of the strategies you can implement. Talk to an email marketing company or email newsletter service about it.

A whopping 42.3 percent of mobile users will instantly delete an email if it’s not displayed correctly on their mobile device (SaleCycle).

This is another power email statistic showing you need to elevate your mobile email marketing efforts and make your emails more mobile-responsive.

Using mobile devices as a primary method of reading emails is more common in 40 percent of users aged 18 or younger (Campaign Monitor)

If you’re planning to target younger audiences for a specific product or service, then you better make sure your emails are mobile-friendly.

After reading an email on mobile initially, a user is 65 percent more likely to click through if they read that same email again on a desktop later (Campaign Monitor, 2018).

Create compelling content that sparks the interest of your readers. And while doing so, don’t forget to optimize your email and email marketing landing page for desktop, as well.

Visual Content in Emails

Humans are visual creatures. People are more drawn to visuals than any other form of media, which is also why people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Here are some pieces of email marketing information on visual content and some email marketing tips on how you can integrate visual content in your email marketing campaigns.

Subject lines that contain emojis lead to a 56 percent higher open rate than emails with text-only subject lines

Use emojis to complement the words in your subject line or replace some of them to convey your message in a quirky but effective way. Some studies have even shown that using emojis leads to higher response and engagement rates.

Appropriate emojis in holiday campaigns reduce the complaint rate to less than one percent

This is a helpful piece of email marketing information for email marketing services and businesses looking to use email for customer service.

Attaching a video in a marketing email results in three times as many click-throughs and a 40 percent increase in ROI

Meanwhile, including static images, GIFs and other graphics also increase the open rate by 27 percent and CTR by 4.5 percent. It’s crucial to make sure your videos and graphics are properly optimized. Seventy-four percent of users will delete an email immediately if graphics don’t load within five seconds of opening the email.

The Power of Personalization – 5 Quick Tips

With consumers today demanding personalized interactions, businesses should aim to improve personalization in their email marketing strategies. Here are some email statistics and email marketing tips to help you.

TIP 1: Get your subject line right! 47 percent of people decide to open an email based on the subject line

Similarly, 69 percent of users will decide to report emails as spam based on the subject line alone. This email statistic highlights the importance of the email subject line in influencing the consumer’s behavior and compelling them to open the email.

TIP 2: Make your subject line personal! Personalized email subject lines lead to 26 percent higher open rates

Ensuring the email looks like it was intended for the recipient leads to six times higher transaction rates. But it’s not just about the subject line. In a separate study, 88 percent of respondents were more likely to respond if the email looked like it was specifically created for them. This is why 77 percent of marketers deliver personalized content through email for those subscribed to an email newsletter service.

TIP 3: Segment your audience! The global average for click-throughs on segmented email campaigns was 100.95 percent higher than unsegmented campaigns

In terms of ROI, segmentation can lead to a whopping 760 percent increase in revenue.

TIP 4: Check for relevancy! Seventy-four percent of people hate being shown content irrelevant to them

Here are some interesting email marketing facts: mismatching information in an email marketing campaign leads to high bounce rates. Respondents in a study by Adobe revealed the type of irrelevant content they hate the most:

Mismatched interests (34 percent) Expired offers (24 percent) Misspelled name (15 percent) Wrong location or season (14 percent) Redundant promos (13 percent)

TIP 5: Mention your recipient by name in the subject line! Personalized subject lines in emails lead to a 26 percent boost in open rates

Even the mere mention of the recipient’s name in the subject line can increase open rates by as much as 35 percent.

Time To Press Send

Email marketing is still one of the best channels to use if you want to reach your target audience directly. With high penetration rates and an even higher potential for significant returns, running a robust email marketing campaign should be a top priority for your business. In this blog, we shared with you the email marketing statistics 2021 campaigns can benefit from. Armed with these email marketing statistics 2021 should be the year you harness the power of the inbox to grow your business.

An effective email marketing campaign allows you to promote your brand, nurture leads and keep your customers engaged. But with email marketing becoming even more sophisticated as the market evolves, it becomes harder to execute campaigns properly, which is why so many companies fail at email marketing. Work with a top-tier email marketing company offering premier email marketing services to run your campaigns more effectively.

We equip your business with the right tools so you can leverage email to get results – and we have the email stats to prove it. Our email marketing services develops, executes and optimizes your email strategy to help you build an efficient email marketing campaign that gets high open rates, higher CTRs and doesn’t go straight to the spam folder.



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