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WIX Website Design

We can design from scratch or using an industry related design. With the website builder, we can customize or change anything. 

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Your Site Converted to WIX

We will be able to convert your expensive to maintain old site into a modern, quick, reliable, easy to maintain WIX website.

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WIX Email Marketing

How many emails from businesses do you delete every day? Let's make yours stand out and work for your business or brand.

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WIX Hosting & Domains

We can help you with the purchase of your domain and subsequent hosting of it directly from WIX. WIX offers secure web hosting services.

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WIX SEO & Google Search

Rank higher and grow your search engine visibility with SEO from Wix.... Stay on top of industry with the Wix SEO best practices we use.

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Multilingual WIX Websites

We can create different versions of your current website pages, (i.e.: English to French, to German, etc). Additionally also your WIX Stores.

wix ecommerce.png

WIX Ecommerce

Once we understand your business, we will select and implement the best WIX eCommerce module that your shop or business needs.

wix social media setup.jpg

WIX Social Media Setup

We can assist you in creating all your social media accounts. If you have already Media accounts, we will setup all of them in your new website

wix corvid coding 2.jpg

WIX Corvid Coding Apps

We can resolve any WIX website complexity with Corvid programming. Yes, Corvid is the WIX code that we will use on your site.

mobile site compatibility 1.jpg

WIX Mobile Site Optimized

With the WIX platform it will be possible to resize, hide and move elements from the Desktop version to your Mobile compatible version.

wix premium plans.png

WIX Premium Plans

When we are contracted to build your WIX site, the cost of the WIX Premium Plan will be included in our Project proposal at a discount.

wix blogging 1.png

WIX Blogging Services

We will provide any additional help you might need with your digital presence and your website and all the tech assistance behind it.

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