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There are a number of benefits to translating your site’s text.

For instance, SEO, it increases your potential audience, can help increase your conversions, and also offers a boost to your site’s accessibility.

If your site uses English as the primary (or secondary) language, it’s part of an enormous majority. In fact, over half of all websites provides its content in English, which makes it by far the most common language online.


That’s perhaps not shocking, as English is also the language that most internet users speak. However, those statistics are still somewhat surprising compared to the rest of the world.

For example, while nearly a billion internet users speak Chinese, it’s not represented by even 2% of all websites.

Similarly, under 5% of websites offer Spanish, even though over 500 million users speak the language. It seems many site owners have simply decided to focus on the most popular language among users, and subsequently skipped over the vast numbers who don’t otherwise speak English.

Translating your site can help you (and your site): 1. Much better performance with “search engines”, mainly Google Search; 2. Expand your potential audience as many visitors use now a VPN application, which mainly directs the searcher to an English version site; 3. Communicate with a diverse group of users and potentially increase your conversions.

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Improving your SEO Rank with Site Translation

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