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Infosites.Biz | Use of Amazon Keywords in Amazon Marketplace

Most shoppers are heading straight to Amazon to search for products – bypassing Google or Bing. For 63 percent of consumers in the United States, the eCommerce giant is the default search engine for goods. This makes discoverability on the platform a daunting prospect for sellers. But it also emphasizes how Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever.

Averaging over 200 million unique monthly users and racking up a quarterly revenue of approximately $125 billion, Amazon is poised to grow even bigger. Merchants can seize this opportunity and stay ahead of competitors. For starters, you can leverage the best Amazon keywords to improve your search ranking and visibility.

In the upcoming sections, we discuss how to choose keywords for Amazon and dominate arguably the largest eCommerce search engine in North America.

What Is Amazon SEO?

While other online marketplaces like Walmart and Etsy exist, Amazon is the main search engine for eCommerce. The company accounts for 47 percent of online sales alone, so when it indexes information within its territory, it’s already covering a lot of ground.

Like good old search engines, Amazon Search features an algorithm, known as the A9, that determines how products on the platform are ranked for a particular keyword. But unlike Google, it doesn’t concern itself with search intent: finding the most useful answer to someone’s query. Instead, it focuses on bringing to the fore the products that users are most likely to buy. It’s about making more sales, fast.

When you understand its purpose, Amazon search engine optimization doesn’t seem to be too complex at all. At its core is the simple question of how to add keywords to Amazon listing copy and other SEO components.

In the next section, we zoom in on the best Amazon keywords tips, identifying standard practices that get your search terms indexed and ranked high by Amazon Search.

How To Use Amazon Keywords To Boost Ranking and Conversion

What is Amazon SEO strategy creation without the proper deployment of the pivotal search terms? Let’s delve into the Amazon keywords tips that can catapult your product pages to the top of the platform’s search rankings. Greater visibility means you increase your chances of getting found by users, converting leads into customers and hitting your sales goals.

If you’re a new seller, here’s a quick reminder to check if your product is included in the Amazon catalog. If it isn’t, go ahead and create an ASIN for it. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, which is unique to each product.

Once you get that out of the way, you’re ready to stand out among the millions of offerings on Amazon. Here’s how:



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