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Infosites.Biz | Web Design Can Improve Your Sales

All business owners want to improve sales. Every conversion, or the desired action you want your site visitors to take, brings you one step closer to more sales. Your website might be bringing in online leads, but you need consistent revenue growth to sustain your business. The good news is that it only takes simple changes to your web design to improve your conversion rates and boost sales.

In this blog, we cover the conversion rate optimization web design best practices that are far simpler than you think!

Studies show that 96 percent of site visitors are not ready to buy. This means your website must lead your audience closer to the sale through its content and UX. It takes exceptional design and smooth navigation to keep your site visitors engaged.

By using proven CRO techniques, you supercharge the results your website delivers. For a top-performing sales funnel, all conversion points on website pages must be supported by overarching digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

These are indispensable to boosting your site discoverability and tailoring your message to your target audience.You need a professional website optimized for search and conversions to become a high-converting digital asset for your business.

SEO Tips to Improve Website Conversions

The COVID-19 pandemic has further driven people to rely on online platforms for their needs. In a recent survey by GeekWire, 42 percent of respondents purchase groceries online at least once a week — almost double of the findings in 2018. Because of this mandatory shift in global consumer behavior, there is a growing population seeking products and services online.

This mindset shift is expected to continue even after the COVID-19 pandemic — confirming that your business must stand out online.

Google averages 40,000 searches every second. Without a robust SEO strategy, your website will not be visible online. This widens the gap between you and your potential customers and more sales.

The following are tips to improve website conversions:

•  Clean site structure and information architecture to avoid users exiting your site •  Mobile-friendly and responsive design to rank high on search engines •  Exceptional usability to keep users on your site •  Easy-to-read site design to help users understand your message •  Optimized images for increased relevance and fast downloads •  Overall web design optimized for the fastest possible site speed •  Conversion focused web design to guide your site visitor to the desired action •  These SEO techniques boost your site discoverability and bring users to your site.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Having a good SEO foundation supports your efforts by bringing in the organic site traffic you need to boost conversions. If your website has a lot of traffic but few conversions, you need to make changes to the web design to improve conversion rate.

Conversions are the actions you want your site users to make — and this is not always making a purchase. For example, website conversions for business to business (B2B) companies would be the action of scheduling a meeting with a sales representative.

The conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors that convert. This is the crucial metric because it tells you how effective your website is in bringing qualified leads to your business. When you create a focused strategy to improve conversion rates, you’re taking a big step in boosting sales.

CRO (conversion rate optimization is concerned with reducing friction in all your website elements and ensuring your digital strategy adds value to your target audience. It can be applied to your paid ad strategy but for web design, it’s focused on turning website visitors into customers. Conversion rate optimization web design means creating a sales- and conversion-centric website that looks good and effectively nudges qualified leads towards a conversion on the site.

How Conversion Focused Web Design Improves Your Sales

The concepts you first need to understand are user interface (UI) and UX. It might sound self-explanatory but without a complete understanding of it, you’re losing out on a lot of revenue potential as your site design will lack these critical conversion web design elements.

Put simply, UI involves the look and function of your website, while UX is the overall journey of your site visitors.

When you optimize your site’s UI and UX through innovative design and intuitive navigation, you boost your site visitors’ willingness to engage — increasing your chances of website conversions.

Make sure your site hits all the marks for these two critical site elements:

1.  Design

2.  Navigation

Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices For Web Design

1. Have A Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) button

2. Include Simple Contact Forms

3. Prioritize Your Homepage

4. Monitor Mobile-Responsiveness

5. Maintain Fast Page Load Speeds

6. Use White Space

7. Showcase Trust Symbols

8. Continuous A/B Testing

Infosites.Biz has the conversion rate optimization expertise to boost your sales performance. We will redesign your site to become a high-converting digital asset. As a full-service agency with over 15 years of digital marketing and web design experience, we take a holistic approach to drive your business growth.

With our proven CRO techniques, your business optimizes your website performance from day one. Contact us today to learn how you can improve your sales through expert web design.


September 2020


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