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Infosites.Biz | All about "Google My Business" (GMB) and Why is it So Important ?

A common question among conventional business owners is, Why should I take my business online? Not all traditional “brick-and-mortar” businesses are aware of what Google My Business is and how significant it is in today’s cut-throat digital industry

If you’re one of these traditional companies, then you’re missing out on a wider scope of potential clients online.

First, let’s establish what traditional “brick-and-mortar” businesses are. Conventional companies are those with a physical location. They sell their products or services either in person, by mail or by phone. Essentially, these are companies that do not sell their physical products or services in digital platforms.

Now, if you’re looking to expand your business and create a stronger customer base, you must start doing business online.

Top Reasons Your Offline Business Must Have an Online Presence

Whether it’s a website, a social media page, an e-commerce platform or a combination of all three, taking your business online offers vast opportunity.

Here are the ultimate reasons you need to establish an online presence now:

  Establish brand authority   Make it easier for potential customers to reach you   Market your brand to a wider clientele   Overcome location barriers   Build stronger relationships with existing and potential customers •  Provide better customer support •  Reduce operation costs   Research competitors and improve business strategies

The internet is a critical tool to reach more potential customers and turn them into qualified leads and sales. Leverage this opportunity to optimize your customer experience and satisfaction. It’s time you gain the competitive advantage of taking your offline business online!

What is Google My Business?

As the name implies, Google My Business allows you to create a business listing on Google. It ensures you provide the necessary information customers need to visit your site or store, contact your company or make a purchase.

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide with a stunning search market share of more than 70 percent. Creating a GMB account on Google makes it easy for you to promote your business and provide crucial information to your target market.

It provides online users with your business’ operating information, posts and customer reviews, among other details. Although most of this information is already on your website, GMB indexes the content you provide for consistency across Google Maps, Google+ and Google Search.

Why Do You Need a Google Business Listing?

If you don’t have a Google My Business account, you are missing out on the opportunity to generate more traffic and business and differentiate yourself in Google.

With Google Business Listing, you can manage your company’s appearance on Google search results. For instance, it ensures that customers acquire relevant information about your company when they reach your business on Google or search for terms related to your products or services.

Google My Business can help you:

  Get your business on Google’s Local 3-Pack   Reach and engage with your target market for free   Establish your authority with a great business profile   Earn trust from customers   Increase traffic and sales   Learn more about your business

According to Net Marketshare, roughly 80 percent of all searches happen on Google. This means that your target market relies on Google’s first page to find the products and services it needs. That is why creating a GMB account is so important.

What Can You Do With GMB?

Google My Business offers brands a simple but effective means to bring in customers through search. With GMB you can:

•  Update your company profile at any time. Simply download the Google My Business app, and you can now edit your profile on the go. •  Showcase your products and services through visuals. Provide multiple engaging photos and videos of your offerings to entice the users. •  Gain customer interest by encouraging them to write reviews. Businesses with positive reviews on their profile can benefit from higher click-through and conversion rates. •  Acquire detailed insights on what GMB brings to your business. It allows you to track site visits and calls, among others. •  Share your company’s latest offers through texts, photos or videos.

With all of this to gain, there is no doubt that GMB has the potential to generate high traffic and opportunities for your business.

How to Drive Customer Engagement on Google with GMB

Google has laid out a set of guidelines for creating a GMB account. Only businesses with a physical location that customers can visit or companies that travel to visit their customers can create a GMB account.

In order to maintain high-quality information on Google, make sure you:

  Avoid prohibited content and activities   Provide an accurate business address and/or service area   Enforce consistent branding across all platforms   Describe your core business accurately

Google Business Listing is a valuable and convenient tool that can help you establish your brand authority. Utilize this tool to your advantage — ensure your business information is comprehensive and up-to-date. Your core business information includes:

  Name   Address   Contact number   Website address   Business description   Category   Attributes   Among others

Google Search, Google+ and Google Maps will index this data to provide a foundation for your local SEO. Your company information should be consistent with what’s listed on your website, or else it will have a negative impact on your search ranking.

Leverage GMB to Promote Your Business and Generate Leads

Google My Business is one of the most powerful ways to boost a business’ online visibility and local search optimization. Take the first step to increase your business’ online presence — create and optimize your GMB profile now!

Grow your local online visibility with the right SEO strategy. Entrust your brand’s online marketing with a full-service digital marketing agency that implements tried-and-tested local SEO strategies, provides a detailed report and shows proven results.


July 2020


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